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according to Lahodny


according to Lahodny

Univ. Doz. Med. Johann Lahodny Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and physician for general medicine Expert in bioresonance, vital field, oxygen, tachyon therapy and darkfield microscopy. 31 years head of obstetric gynecological departments. 1994 Habilitation with teaching assignment at the University of Vienna.

So far, the ozone therapy was considered to be only the large autologous blood treatment . In this case, 220 ml of blood were taken from the arm vein. Subsequent to this 200 ml of ozone at a concentration of 40 μg per milliliter was added and reinfused into the patient after shaking. This finished the treatment. Worldwide, only once per treatment ozone blended blood is reinfused. Usually there are 1-2 treatments per week. The large autologous blood treatment improves the capillary blood circulation, eliminates the rouleaux formation, increases the well-being and the immune system. It is always reported that after repeated reinfusion in one session, hemolysis and life-threatening acid base derailment could occur. That’s why blood is only taken once all around the world and reinfused with ozone. I have never represented this view.

That’s why I was looking for another form of therapy. By extreme increase of the concentration and dose of ozone oxygen I hoped for an improvement of the therapy success. To achieve the new therapy concept, I increased the concentration from 40 μg / ml to 70 μg / ml. After frequent self-treatment, all blood parameters were examined.
As a dose increase, I aspirated 20 times the blood into the vacuum bottle during 22 self-treatments in one session, mixed it with ozone each time and reinfused it. In this case the essential blood chemistry parameters were examined as well before and after 20 reinfusions. Neither blood chemistry nor clinical deviations were detectable. After further frequent treatments, I created a standard therapy which collects 10 times blood with ozone addition of 70 μg / ml and afterwards reinfuses it in one session into each patient.

For the uncomplicated process, I used 20000 units of heparin from Ratiopharm and added it to the empty vacuum bottle. Half an hour before the start of therapy and at the start of therapy, each patient should drink 0.75 liters of water or tea. This allows 10 times blood collection and reinfusion without complications. A change of the infusion set is sometimes required. During menstruation, no treatment should be performed. I call this form of therapy, which I performed first in the world and with a not inconsiderable risk on my part, as ozone oxygen high-dose therapy (OHT) according to Lahodny.

In severe conditions and as a tumor therapy OHT is performed daily for up to one month. As a standard procedure, I administer one OHT per week for a total of ten weeks. After 10 OHT almost all diseases are redeveloped. An OHT takes 1 – 2 hours, depending on the vein quality of the patient. OHT fulfills all therapeutic requirements and is the only almost always successful treatment method.This therapy will reshape our medical world. With OHT I have discovered a treatment option that heals almost all diseases in a few days.

Every human body is endowed with a huge potential of stem cells and possesses an endogenous repair shop through these stem cells.

The great hope and the real progress in medicine lies in the use of the body’s own stem cells. With the body’s own stem cells, many diseases can be cured within a few days. From the stem cells even new organs can be formed.

Until the beginning of 2015, the body’s own stem cell therapy was only possible by breeding stem cells from the pulp of finger and fatty tissue The expanded stem cells show incredible success in therapy after intravenous or local application: wounds, organ dysfunctions, inflammations and obstetric complications heal in 48 hours after stem cell administration.
The time exposure and the high costs so far limited the therapeutic use and were reason for the search for drugs that could activate stem cells. A drug for stem cell activation has not been found despite intensive efforts. For two decades I have been dealing with the stem cell problem.

Ozone oxygen high-dose therapy made it possible for me, as the first person in the world, to activate the body’s own stem cells through the drugs ozone oxygen in high-dose therapy and to achieve almost unbelievable healing success. After administration of only a single OHT, ulcers, wounds and inflammations were also healed in 48 hours. So the same healing process as after intravenous administration of cultured stem cells. According to this, ozone oxygen in the high dose must be used to deliver a medicinal release of all the body’s own stem cells.
It is also known from stem cell research that every lesion in the body emits peptide signals, it calls for help. The OHT issues the command to all stem cells to immediately repair any peptide-emitting lesions in the body. The actual miraculous healing is achieved by the stem cells and not by ozone. Ozone orders all stem cells to repair each diseased site.

With OHT, I achieved the first drug-based stem cell activation worldwide. With minimal effort literally every conventional therapy-resistant chronic lesions and all other acute chronic diseases heal.
Through more than 100 patients, this therapeutic success was confirmed by stem cell action Already one OHT ensures that a general immediate complete detoxification and an elimination of the rouleaux formation is taking place. An enormous therapeutic effect is the elimination of the entire inflammatory cytokines and the induction of the anti-inflammatory cytokines. Stimulation of
VEGrF (vasoendothenial growth factor) and direct ozone action leads to the formation of new blood vessels.

OHT always causes an increase in T lymphocytes, eosinophilic granulocytes, killer cells and a decrease in B lymphocytes. OHT increases the production of the tissue hormone prostacylin 10 fold. Prostacylin has recently been known to be a very potent antimetastasis agent.

With the ozone oxygen high-dose therapy inaugurated by me, a completely new treatment option with unimaginable therapeutic success was launched. This quick cure is currently unable to achieved by any other treatment. This revolutionary healing success can be seen in almost all diseases, from acute inflammation to cancer and hair loss. Through the daily administration of OHT for more than one month, the stem cell activation causes a complete organ repair.


Keeping well and fit until old age without medication

All symptomatic diseases send out peptide signals (cries for help). Through ozone oxygen high-dose therapy, the command is given to all stem cells in the body to immediately rush to help all peptide sites emitting diseased sites and repair everything. The undifferentiated stem cells in the whole body are converted after arrival at the diseased site in the respective tissue cell and cause the repair. This is how the pathological changes healn in 48 hours. The rapid healing of all symptomatic, visible and painful, acute and chronic diseases is the first miraculous stem cell therapy principle triggered by ozone oxygen.

And the second miraculous stem cell therapy principle triggered by ozone oxygen is the healing of all asymptomatic, just starting, yet unnoticed for the patient, not yet noticeable diseases. It is the latest physiological knowledge from stem cell research that peptide signals (cries for help) are also delivered by all asymptomatic, just starting, the patient has not yet perceived diseases. Through these peptide signals, all stem cells in the body rush to the just starting diseases and heal them in a short time. According to that OHT never causes the onset of disease because the patient is repairing unconscious lesions in the asymptomatic phase.

Depending on the state of health, I recommended 10 OHT at annual intervals until 2014. With our currently catastrophic environmental situation (radiation and preserved, poisoned food) incipient diseases could progress too far in one year. When OHT is applied at 6-month intervals, incipient diseases are detected and eradicated in good time by stem cell use. According to this, OHT would be the safest form of maintaining health at 6-monthly intervals. Depending on the state of health, 3-5 ozone oxygen high-dose therapies should be performed at weekly intervals.
After one period of 6 months 3-5 OHT should be administered again. (Total cost of therapy 600 – 1000 € per year) This therapy should be repeated every year.

With no other currently available diagnostic or therapeutic method you can prevent almost any disease with 100% certainty. There has never been such a safe and proven medical (stem cell research at all universities) form of therapy in medicine to permanent health before. The OHT also leads to detoxification every six months. 

The 6-month OHT is the best, cheapest and safest investment for your health. OHT users will enjoy lasting health.

In contrast to the current medical care, the new therapeutic approach could bring a relief for the entire medical profession and also an unimaginable cost savings by preventing the outbreak of diseases Regular use of OHT at 6-monthly intervals could logically eliminate a significant portion of all current diagnostic and therapeutic measures. This new type of prophylactic medical care should be regarded as a milestone and reorganization in future medical care.
Now I have to prove all previous claims by patient treatment results.

There are more than a hundred case studies.

The cost of medical care currently exceeds all reasonable limits. The cost explosion could be intercepted quickly and safely by ozone oxygen high dose therapy all alone. Explanatory example: A preoperative and a postoperative OHT could reduce the organ wound healing and abdominal wound healing to one fifth of the hospital lay time and prevent recurring postoperative infections. The same savings will be seen in all acute inflammatory, all chronic and as well as in treatment-resistant diseases. The speed with which the cheap OHT heals everything, invalidates the existing dogma of medical healing. OHT achieves rapid healing as by intravenous administration of cultured stem cells. In any case, it is clear that the use of OHT brings a medical advance that has not been experienced so far. This new medicine is affordable for everyone.
I do not dare to predict how these therapeutic insights will change the surgical subjects of all medicine. With OHT you can always achieve a quick and lasting cure with a cheap and easy to produce natural gas. Since ozone oxygen is a biochemical therapeutic with no side effects, the superiority of the new form of therapy is guaranteed.
The successful treatment of almost all diseases suggests a universal therapy principle. All previously difficult to treat and treatment-resistant diseases could also be quickly cured with little financial expense.

OHT is a perfected therapy method developed by me for the practical immediate use. If OHT were to be used in general, a medical revolution would have to emerge.
These new findings and their practical implementation will put the entire medicine on a completely new basis. All medical subjects will experience changes of unimaginable proportions through OHT in the future.