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For 50 years, the use of ozone has helped to overcome the limits of conventional medicine. The good results speak for themselves.

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    The meaning of ozone in the enviroment

    Natural ozone

    In the enviroment the ozone layer acts as a protection against the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Ozone also occurs near the ground due to environmental pollution and can lead to lung tissue damage when inhaled at higher concentrations.

    The effect of ozone

    ozone is a powerful oxidizer, biologically bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal.

    The usage of ozone

    Ozone is used for industrial and waste water treatment, for the control of chemical reactions and in medicine.

    The meaning of ozone in the medicine

    Medical ozone is made from purest oxygen. An oxygen-ozone mixture is used, depending on the dose which can be up to 5% ozone, rest oxygen. Production takes place at the place of use. Half-life at 20 ° C = 30 min.

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    externally as bag gassing, systemically as small and large autologous blood treatment or as gas for subcutaneous and intra-articular injection

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    according to Lahodny

    The ozone oxygen high dose therapy has for the first time succeeded in activating the body's own stem cells and achieving almost unbelievable healing success.
    competent counsel and care


    The comprehensive offer includes intensive advice on ozone application and the supply of all materials for the ozone treatment – including oxygen.


    Impart and exchange knowledge

    We mediate and promote the exchange of experience among the users we serve.